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Welcome to the Joensuu Peace Group!

The Joensuu Peace Group works for peace independent of politics and religion. We believe in no military-based security or war against terrorism. War is no solution to problems, but, rather, it instigates them. The development of weapons threatens people and destroys the natural environment. We demand the imposition of controls on the armaments industry and the decommissioning of weapons of mass destruction in all countries. We are also against ethnic and other discrimination, which we regard as varieties of warfare.

Our group organizes lectures, panel discussions, marches, peace bazaars, song evenings and candle demonstrations. In the summer we organize the Varparanta Peace Academy in co-operation with the Oulu Peace Action Group. We should also like to work together with other peace-minded organizations. Everyone is needed.

How can I join?

People opposing war: you are welcome to join the Joensuu Peace Group with your ideas! We meet once a month on Tuesdays, at 17:00 in Soroppi, Torikatu 30 (please see the Finnish site). You can join our email list by sending a message (in English, Russian, German, or French) to kirsti.era AT

Further Information

Sivustoa on viimeksi päivitetty 18. marraskuuta 2018. Ilmoita ongelmista: kirsti.era / ät